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Alexis Sneed

Co-Founder, Strategy

MKTG Co-Founder, Alexis Sneed hiking through the Dolomites.
Alexis Sneed Headshot


Hey there, I'm Alexis Sneed, Co-Founder of MKTG Collective. I'm passionate about empowering small business owners and driving positive social change. Originally from the vibrant Bay Area of California, I've found my home in Salt Lake City, where I live by values of adventure, compassion, and integrity.

Throughout my career, I've led groundbreaking rebrands, orchestrated impactful awareness campaigns, and cultivated powerful partnerships across various industries. My journey has been shaped by a commitment to helping others and a willingness to confront challenges head-on. 

Finding the balance between work and personal life is something I'm continually navigating. The truth is, I genuinely love for what I do! I guess you could say that being a workaholic is in my blood (thanks Dad!). However, if you've managed to pry me from the computer, you'll likely find me hiking, camping, backpacking, or enjoying adventures in my camper van, rejuvenating in a true digital detox. Oh, and did I mention my 100-mile trek around Mount Rainier? Feel free to ask me about that unforgettable adventure! Yet amidst these adventures, some of my most cherished moments are spent with my nieces, who fill my life with boundless joy and inspiration.

Driven by a deep belief in making a positive impact, I strive to foster growth and betterment in both my professional and personal life. Whether through mentorship, local initiatives, or sharing my journey, I aim to contribute meaningfully to those around me.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from San Diego State University (Go Aztecs!), complemented by certificates in Social Media Management from San Francisco State University Extended Learning and Managing Marketing Communications from UC Berkeley Extended Learning.

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