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Empowering Women in Business: The Inspiring Journey of Alison Rogers and Blush Cowork

In a world where entrepreneurship knows no bounds, women are emerging as powerful leaders and change-makers, breaking barriers and redefining the business landscape. Today, we shine a spotlight on one such remarkable woman, Alison Rogers, and her visionary venture, Blush Cowork. With a mission to create a safe, inclusive, and empowering workspace for women, Alison is making a significant difference in the world of small businesses.

Alison Rogers, Founder of Blush Cowork, sitting at table at Blush Cowork
Alison Rogers, Founder of Blush Cowork, is empowering women in business through coworking.

Blush Cowork: Where Women Flourish

Blush Cowork, nestled in Cary, North Carolina, isn't your ordinary coworking space. It's a sanctuary designed for women, with a unique twist – onsite childcare. Blush Cowork opened its doors on March 1, 2022, and it is a testament to Alison's dedication to making the work-life balance more attainable for women entrepreneurs and professionals.

The Inspiration Behind Blush

Alison's journey to creating Blush Cowork began with a simple realization - the need for a coworking space that understands the multifaceted lives of women. After ten years of running her own business, often from her home while juggling the responsibilities of parenthood, Alison struggled to find a coworking space that truly met her needs. The existing options, primarily located in downtown areas, were far from her suburban home and didn't offer the crucial childcare support she required.

Alison's vision was crystal clear - she aimed to bridge this gap by bringing the coworking space to the members and making it accessible for women, whether they work solo, as part of a team, or with their children in tow. She firmly believes that childcare should not be a luxury but an essential service that enables parents to be productive and creative.

Supporting Women During Challenging Times

Alison's timing couldn't have been more perfect, especially given the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many women, like Alison herself, faced setbacks in their careers during this period, with job changes, layoffs, or resignations to focus on caregiving. Blush Cowork stepped in to offer the much-needed support, becoming a community hub for women looking to pivot and regain their professional footing.

Since its inception, Blush has hosted over 70 events, welcomed over 120 members, and served nearly 1000 individuals through day passes and meetings. Alison's dedication and Blush's unique approach to coworking have earned her well-deserved recognition, including being named a Movers and Shakers by Cary Magazine and winning a Maggy Award for Best Coworking Space. Additionally, Blush Cowork was nominated for Best Coworking Space in the WRAL Voters' Choice Awards and, more impressively, was named the Lenovo Empowering the Carolinas winner out of 650 nominated businesses in North and South Carolina!

Creating Opportunities through Empathy

One of the standout programs at Blush Cowork is Alison's brainchild. During a crowdfunding campaign last year, she initiated a program that continues to provide free workspace and conference room time to women affected by job loss or layoffs who are actively job-seeking. The results speak volumes - many of these women have secured new roles thanks to the support and resources offered by Blush Cowork.

Women working together at a coworking space.
Empowering women in business through coworking.

A Growing Community with a Bright Future

Beyond the numbers and awards, what truly fuels Alison's passion is the sense of community and connection she fosters at Blush Cowork. Every day, she witnesses new personal and professional connections forming within this vibrant community.

As for the future, Alison has big plans. She's excited about expanding the Blush community in Cary and envisions taking the Blush Cowork concept to new areas and communities. Her goal is clear - to bring the flexibility, support, and empowerment that Blush offers to even more women in pursuit of their dreams.

Alison Rogers and Blush Cowork stand as an inspiring testament to the difference one woman can make in the world of small businesses. They remind us that by understanding the unique needs of women in business and offering innovative solutions, we can create spaces where women not only survive but truly thrive. We look forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of Blush Cowork under Alison's visionary leadership.

Learn more about Alison and what she is doing to impact the women in her community by visiting Blush Cowork!



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