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Unveiling Ready Set GC's Resplendent Rebrand: A Fusion of Femininity and Sophistication

Banner image highlighting the new brand identity and website launch by MKTG Collective.
MKTG Client Spotlight: Ready Set GC

Today, we're exploring the fascinating world of branding as we explore our recent collaboration with Ready Set GC, an organization committed to empowering women embarking on their journeys as General Counsels. Our task: to revamp their brand identity while striking the delicate balance between femininity and sophistication.

The Challenge: Merging Femininity and Sophistication

When Ready Set GC approached us, they were ready for a fresh start. They sought a brand identity that was approachable yet conveyed professionalism, feminine yet sophisticated. Our journey began with a deep dive into their original branding to understand its strengths and where improvements were needed.

Color Psychology: Crafting a Visual Language

Color is a powerful tool in branding, capable of evoking emotions and setting the tone for an entire brand experience. We recognized the significance of selecting the right palette for Ready Set GC to communicate both empowerment and professionalism.

The original branding featured vibrant pink and purple hues, while the new branding revolves around a sophisticated mauve palette coupled with various shades of gray that subtly incorporate a touch of purple. The updated branding exudes warmth and balance. Departing from the predominantly bright color scheme of the original, we implemented strategic modifications. We introduced deeper, more authoritative shades like burn-orange to convey professionalism but still approachable and instill trust. These tones were thoughtfully complemented by understated, warm accents that ensured the preservation of a sense of femininity while retaining a sense of gravitas.

The result was a harmonious blend of colors that exuded empowerment while, at the same time, projecting a sophisticated image that aligned perfectly with Ready Set GC's mission.

The Website: An Inspiring Online Hub

Of course, a brand's online presence is often the first interaction with its audience. We knew that Ready Set GC's website had to be not just informative but also an inspirational hub for aspiring women in the legal field.

Our team meticulously crafted a website that showcased the organization's vision, programs, and achievements. We paid attention to every detail, making sure every design, content, and user experience aligned with the new brand identity.

2024 Programs: A New Chapter Begins

As we roll out this fresh branding for Ready Set GC, we're also thrilled to announce their exciting 2024 programs. These initiatives are poised to make an even more significant impact in empowering women as they step into the General Counsel role.

We eagerly anticipate the ripple effect of this rebranding effort on Ready Set GC's reach and influence. With our revamped branding and website, they're now better equipped to connect with and inspire women in law across the globe.

Join Us on This Empowering Journey

Our journey with Ready Set GC has been a testament to the power of strategic branding. It demonstrates how the thoughtful use of color and design can enhance an organization's message and impact.

We invite you to explore Ready Set GC's reimagined brand at and join us in celebrating their dedication to empowering women in the legal profession.

We love the opportunity to be part of such transformative endeavors. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes insights into the world of marketing excellence, and here's to Ready Set GC's exciting journey ahead! 🚀✨


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